There’s something about clean fresh carpets that is so inviting and invigorating,

and makes a great impression on your customers.


There’s something about clean fresh carpets that is so inviting and invigorating, and makes a great impression on your customers.

You’ve invested in your carpets, your furniture and window treatments so let the certified experts at Toronto Carpet Cleaners help protect your assets with competitively priced, high-quality commercial cleaning services.

  • Regular rug cleaning extends the life of your carpets and results in long-term savings because it prevents dirt and grime from eroding the fibres and the need for replacement.
  • Clean carpets, furniture and drapes improve air quality and show your customers and employees that you care about their health
  • We all want to do our part for the health of the planet so that’s why we use only green products.
  • We respect your work place and make sure we minimize disruption to your business during cleaning with our fast-drying cleaning methods
  • Our company complies with manufacturer’s recommendations so that your carpet’s warranty is not voided and we are certified by The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification


When your customers come in and notice stains on your carpets and rugs, it can wear away at your image and your customer’s loyalty. From entrance mats to plush carpeting in your boardrooms, we are experts at eliminating food stains, allergens, dirt, salt and grim any time of year. Our services are designed to:

  • Prevent dirt, allergen and soil build up, together with your own proper daily vacuuming routine
  • Maintain your carpets with spot and stain treatments, followed by low moisture cleaning and rotating brushes approved by the carpet manufacturer to protect carpet pile.
  • Deep clean and restore your carpets with hot water extraction or steam cleaning with either portable or truck mounted systems. For superior cleaning results we offer steam cleaning combined with mechanical pre-agitation of the cleaning solution.
  • Keep your business humming with as little interruption as possible using our fast-drying method and low moisture cleaning which dries within 30 minutes. With our flexible schedule, we are happy to clean afterhours so your staff comes in to a fresh and healthy space the next morning. We’ll even apply industrial air movers and dehumidifiers to speed up drying time.


Keep your office chairs and couches looking like new with our steam cleaning and disinfecting service. Overtime, upholstery begins to stain and bacteria and allergens multiply and can even contribute to the spread of viruses. That’s why its so important to have it regularly cleaned by a reputable company like ours.

We use high quality and reliable equipment to professionally steam clean all types of seating including C-suite offices, desk chairs, arm chairs and couches. We have expertise in caring for a variety of materials and colours. Our cleaning process involves pre-treatment with a soil suspension solution, followed by agitation. Our natural cleaning solutions and botanical disinfectant kills off any remaining bacteria and viruses.


Condominium and hotel lobbies and hallways, as well as upholstery and mattresses need to stand up to guests, tenants and service people, so they must be properly maintained to keep looking fresh and inviting longer. That’s where Toronto Carpet Cleaners shine. We expertly and carefully clean your carpets with our high quality and reliable equipment that includes powerful, industrial strength vacuums, high-pressure water pumps, and super heated water as well as our truck mounted carpet cleaning machine that reaches up to 400 feet.


High traffic areas like condominium hallways and lobbies, restaurants and theatres get dirty very quickly. Besides grease from the kitchen, gum and food particles in the carpets can attract bugs. With our power washing and disinfectant, our range of commercial steam cleaning services, eco-friendly degreaser and our powerful truck mounted cleaning machine, we are your first line of defense against grease, food particles, dirt and odors.

There’s no steam in ‘steam cleaning’. It’s actually pressurized hot water extraction. The super heated water is mixed with cleaning solutions and sprayed on to the carpet. It’s great for loosening grease and grime which is then sucked up by an industrial strength vacuum.  At Toronto Carpet Cleaners, for better results, we apply a soil suspension solution before steam cleaning.